(For Participants and Accompanying Persons)

Welcome Reception – Wine Tasting

Place: Hotel Slovenia – Congress Centre

Viticulture and winemaking has existed in this region since the time of the Celts and Illyrians tribes, some 2400 years ago. Today Slovenia has more than 28,000 wineries, and you will get the chance to taste wines from some of them along with delicious bites of Slovenian cheese and “prsut” ham in the relaxed atmosphere.

Secovlje Salina Nature Park – Saltpans Visit

In 2001, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia proclaimed the area of Secovlje Salina a nature park and Museum of Salt-making a cultural monument of national importance. The salt pans are extremely important as an extraordinary assortment of various ecosystems, combined of transition forms between sea water, brackish, fresh water and land ecosystems.

A guided tour through saltpans lasts for at least one hour and a half, with the tour including some two kilometers long walk. During the walk you will be presented flora, fauna and cultural heritage of Secovlje Salina Nature Park and the salt-making procedure which is still produced traditionally, with classical salt-pan methods and tools, which is the reason why salt has retained its very special taste and exceptional characteristics. Not only the salt also the nature and scenery are breathtaking.

 Informal Dinner – Family Estate Mahnic

In small and romantic Istrian village near Secovlje awaits Family Estate Mahnic where you will receive a warm welcome and enjoy the exquisite, domestic varietal wines presented by a family sommelier and traditional delicacies of Istrian cuisine.

Conference Excursion – Postojna  Caves

Please, bring warm clothing for the trip underground.



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