The Project

Name of project: Ensuring the safety of intervention teams in the event of nuclear or radiological emergencies

Project acronym: ENRAS (ENsuring RAdiation Safety)

Co-financing programme: INTERREG V-A SLOVENIA-CROATIA 2014-2020

Value of project: 518.000 EUR (440.300 EUR ESRR co-financing – 85%)

Project duration: 01.10.2018 – 30.9.2020 (24 months)

Main project objective:

  • Strengthening cross-border cooperation between entities active in the field of security in order to more effectively address and respond to nuclear or radiological accidents and increase their skills and knowledge and to establish the first joint security system in the cross-border area.

Description of activities:

  • Project ENRAS (ENsuring RAdiation Safety) will develop cross-border security (civil protection) services in the event of a nuclear or radiological emergency.
  • The common challenge of the program area to be addressed in the project is how to ensure appropriately coordinated and safe joint interventions in the event of nuclear or radiological accidents.
  • The direct beneficiaries of the activity will be units which are legally responsible for rescue in the event of such emergencies (fire brigades, police, medical personnel, etc.) and indirectly the entire population.
  • The planned approach in the project is aimed at ensuring the competence and cross-border cohesion of intervention teams and the cross-border cohesion of the managing authorities responsible for such emergencies, for the safer overall population of the cross-border and wider earthquake-prone area.
  • Project innovation is the uniform and coordinated operation of intervention teams and a common tool (uniform guidelines and protocols, development of skills and competences for greater security) that will be useful in the long term for joint preparedness in such cases.
  • The involvement of associated partners will provide the project with a strategic direction leading to a permanent cross-border structure for intervention in the event of nuclear or radiological emergencies.

Main direct effects of the project:

  • Intervention units with improved skills and competences in the event of nuclear and radiological emergencies and a cross-border structure for interventions in the event of such emergencies.