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Laboratory for radioactivity measurements - Introduction
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Laboratory for radioactivity measurements is engaged with measurements of amounts of gamma or X-ray emitting substances intermixed with nonradioactive material.

Mission statement
Laboratory performs research and development in gamma-ray spectrometry, introduces new methods into routine gamma-ray spectrometry measurements and performs measurements for lawful customers.

Laboratory is market-oriented and sees its purpose of existence in service to the industry and society.

Laboratory for radioactivity measurements was established in 1981. Measurements of activities of radionuclide emitting gamma- or X- rays in the energy region between 5 and 3000 keV are carried out. Calibrated semiconductor detectors are used for the measurements. Classical calibration methods proved to be inconvenient because the samples to be measured come in a large variety of dimensions, densities and matrices. Therefore, in the beginning of the eighties, the calibration method with point sources was developed. With this method it is possible to take into account the actual values of sample parameters (thickness, density, composition) and the canister housing the sample (radius, bottom thickness, density, material). In the nineties the method was supplemented with the calculation of coincidence corrections and automatized. Procedures for quality assurance and quality control of measurements and analysis were introduced.

Laboratory for radioactivity measurements - Introduction
Measurements of activities of gamma and X-ray emitters
Quality assurance
Research and developement of measurement and analysis methods
Detector calibration
Intercomparisons and proficiency tests