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What is ELMU?
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The Ecological Laboratory with a Mobile Unit - ELMU, is an organizational structure of experts, capabilities and arrangements that performs, upon request, highly professional: (1) measurements and analysis of environmental contamination due to radiation (nuclear, radiological) or chemical incidents or emergencies, (2) impact assessment and evaluation of contamination, and (3) development of proposals for the recovery and return to normality.

In case of an incident or emergency irrespective of its cause and based on measurements and analysis the ELMU experts can recommend to appropriate governmental bodies, if requested, a plan of actions regarding safety and security of contaminated area, protection of population and environment, mitigation and restoration actions and return to normality.

The ELMU consists of two mobile laboratories equipped for prompt in-situ sampling, measurements and analysis - Mobile Radiological Laboratory (MRL) and Mobile Chemical Laboratory (MCL) - and a number of stationary laboratories capable of analysing environmental and other samples to assess contamination and evaluate the impacts and risk for the public and environment.

The ELMU is ready to respond at any time on 24/7 basis through its on-call system.
What is ELMU?
Mobile Radiological Laboratory (ELMU-MRL)
Stationary Radiological Laboratories
Mobile Chemical Laboratory (ELMU-MCL)
Stationary Chemical Laboratories