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ELME - Ecological laboratory with mobile unit
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Annex to the Accreditation Certificate LP-022

Type of scope:  flexible (possibility of implementig minor modifications of the method)*
Site: fieldwork
Testing fields with reference to the type of test: radiochemistry, radiation (alfa, beta, gamma spectrometry, radiation protection measurements)
Testing fields with reference to the type of test item: environment and samples from the environment


No. Reference to standard or non-standard testing method Title of standard or non-standard testing method and eventual relations to other standards or me¬thods Range of testing; Uncertainty of the result of testing (where relevant) Materials; products
1. ELME-DN-04 / ver. 06 (Mar. 2017) ***
in-house method
Dose rate merasurements with portable survey instruments Dose H*(10)

0,1 uSv/h – 1 Sv/h

U(k=1) = 25%
ionizing radiation sources, working, living and natural environment
2. ELME-DN-03 / ver. 04 (Oct. 2018)****
in-house method
Direct measurements of surface contamination

- beta emitters (Eβmax = > 150 keV)
(C-14, P-32, Fe-59,  Co-60, SrY-90, I-131,
Cs-137, Tl-204 etc.)

- alpha emitters
(U-238, Am-241 etc.)

- low energy gamma emitters
(I-125, Tc-99m, Cr-51)
MDA, minimum detectable activity:

MDA< 0,4 Bq/cm2

MDA < 0,04 Bq/cm2

MDA < 4 Bq/cm2

U(k=1) = 25%
ionizing radiation sources and other surfaces
3. ELME-DN-17 / ver. 03 (May 2018)** In-house method

Laboratory and field measurement with spectrometry gamma

artificial radionuclides with energies from 59 to 2000 keVaerosol filters,
4. ELME-DN-50 / ver. 03 (Mar. 2017)
in-house method
Measurement of dosimetric quantities in useful beams of diagnostic x-ray machines
air kerma (K):
(0,01 -2000) mGy

air kerma rate (K/t):
(0,01-300) mGy/min

x-ray machines

* Laboratory can implement minor modifications of the method as necessary (e.g. adaptation to the new version). Detailes on the actual state of the scope is maintained by the laboratory.

** In May 2018 the regular update of the procedure was performed, the procedure was harmonized with the work performance in the laboratory.
Beside this some additional descriptions of working procedure were added.

*** The portable device RSS-112 for dose rate measurements was added to the procedure. The device is in use and in metrological surveillance for years. The uncertainty budget was reevaluated, final value remains the same. In October 2015 the contribution of secondary cosmic radiation was further analysed and evaluated. In June 2016 new dose-rate meter Fluke Victoreen 451P-DE-SI was purchased, the response was evaluated and it was included in the quality system.

**** Complete evaluation of calibration factors for measurement of surface contamination and harmonisation with the requirements of the ISO 7503-3:2016 standard was performed. New portable contamination monitors Berthold LB 124 and CoMo 170 were purchased and included into quality system. 

NDS - Laboratory for Dosimetry Standards
LMR - Laboratory for Radioactivity Measurements
TLD - Laboratory for Thermoluminiscent Dosimetry
ELME - Ecological laboratory with mobile unit
LSC - Laboratory for liquid scintillation spectrometry

Updated: 23-10-2018