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Head of department
doc. dr. P. Pelicon, e-mail
Deputy head of department
dr. Benjamin Zorko, e-mail
Structure of hadronic systems
doc. dr. S. Širca, e-mail
Investigations of atoms, molecules and structures by photons and particles
doc. dr. M. Žitnik, e-mail
Movable archaeological heritage: archaeological and archaeometric investigations
prof. dr. Ž. Šmit, e-mail
Microanalytical centre
doc. dr. P. Pelicon, e-mail
Ionizing radiation measurements
dr. B. Zorko, e-mail
Laboratory for radiological measurement systems and radioactivity measurements
mag. Branko Vodenik, e-mail
Liquid scintillation spectrometry laboratory
dr. J. Kožar Logar, e-mail
Ecological laboratory with mobile unit
doc. dr. M. Lipoglavšek, e-mail
Laboratory for x-ray spectrometrical analysis
dr. P. Kump, e-mail
Laboratory for theromoluminiscent dosimetry
dr. B. Zorko, e-mail
B. Črnič, dipl. inž. fiz., e-mail
Laboratorij for dosimetry standards
mag. Matjaž Mihelič, e-mail